Types of Rustic Log Home Plans

Log cabin living is part of the Western lifestyle of America, and belongs to the local landscape as well as the snow covered mountains and rivers of the Rockies roving. Home plans rustic log is natural that most of all building materials – logs – and hence the stress surrounding environment rather than staying outside. It’s amazing how many other parts of the country to find this attractive building style, and not just the United States, which has a history of love with them. In fact, the worldwide leader in innovative design techniques is Finland, which are very popular in Japan, South Korea and Holland. One of the big advantages is the flexibility of building possibilities. People often think only of stacked log walls, but there are many other cuts, styles and possible variations. There are two basic types of wooden houses – handmade and milled (fabricated).

The most common style of the registers are D-registers, which are uniformly prepared by its length, with a flattened side, leaving the shaped cross section D. The flat side is facing the inside of the house, creating a flat surface of the interior walls. Another common style of economic plans log home used on all year round, or double D-logs, in which both parties are rounded. This style is often used for Swedish Cope logs stacked type, and double tongue and groove stack. Another popular option is square records, such as found in the New England style with square logs clinked together. Today the squares do not have to take a look tanned, like their predecessors, the squares can be treated with high-quality sealants that maintain their original color. handcrafted log homes are also very popular, hand records ranging from 12 “to 15” in diameter. The different widths and rounded profiles give these homes uniqueness and character, with rustic features such as knots and scars that remain from the time he was still a living tree. Hand carved wooden houses, or houses Appalachian style square beam, are another type of handmade home. A defining characteristic of handmade houses is the absence of cuts on the machine. Instead, all records are shaped by hand. Can be square with the mountains of the ban, and old tools – such as hoes – can be used out of unequal peaks. There are free cottage house plans available that highlight this style, which often use dovetail corners and chinking to seal the house.

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