Tips to Select Best Furniture Cushions for Your Home

If you have t cushions on your furniture, such as your couches or loveseats, you may be in a quandary as to where to find t cushion slip covers. You can get these at several different outlets, including online.

Furniture Cushions

T cushions are usually those that are fitted to the ends of the sofa. They are shaped like the letter “T” and can be difficult to find. You can get slip covers for these cushions by measuring the cushion itself.

You can get custom covers to fit them perfectly by ordering them from a custom designer. The entire sofa will be covered with fabric and the cushions will all have custom fittings. There will also be a fabric skirt around the bottom.

You can also find these covers pre made. There are several outlets online that can offer you pre-made covers. Purchasing pre made ones is usually a lot cheaper than getting them custom made.

They also come in a variety of different fabrics and colors as well as patterns. You can really give any room a whole new look by using slip covers on your furniture. And because they are relatively inexpensive to buy, especially online, you can get more than one set. If you want, you can change your them depending on the seasons.

If you get standard covers and have t cushions, you can tuck and fold the extra fabric around the cushion just like hospital corners on bed sheets. This will likely have to be done often as you will be displacing the slip covers when you sit on the furniture, but it can work.

Finding the perfect slip covers has never been easier as there are an assortment of different stores that sell these items as well as online retailers. Years ago, you could only get slipcovers if you had them made or ordered them from a catalog. Today, you have a myriad of choices, even when it comes to more difficult to find them for such shapes as the t cushion.

As all sofas and love seats are different sizes, you need careful measurements whenever ordering slip covers to insure that they will fit. With t cushions, you can make a graph, but they need to be measured accurately so that a slipcover will fit snugly. You should leave a couple of inches of give for the excess fabric in your measurements so that you have room to work with when putting the cushions in the covers.

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