Simple steps to maintain the elegance of your carpet

Flooring plays a vital role in the interior decoration of your home. A vacant floor is only going to make your habitat look dull and unimpressive. So why not get the floors covered with carpet. You can enjoy tremendous benefits with carpet flooring. Since years it has been topping the list when homeowners go hunting in search of beautiful floorings. It has managed to be the favorite of many, and has never gone out of fashion.


Carpet flooring is going to smarten-up your homes decor and many have already availed from its advantages. Though it is a preferred choice of many, but homeowners often complain about the hassles they have to face when it comes cleaning the carpets. People feel that maintenance always remains a major concern with this type of flooring. Well, if you prepare an effective cleaning strategy, then maintenance is no longer going to bother you.

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Like any other home furnishing product in your home, carpet also needs to be cleaned. If you get it cleaned regularly, this is going to turn in your favor itself. In this manner its performance is going to improve and it would last for a good time. Nothing can keep your carpet from looking tidy, when you clean it on regular basis.

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It would not be surprising if you find a thick layer of dust gathered on your carpet. All the dust particles gathered in your slippers, stick onto the carpet when you walk over it. Thus it is natural for it to get dirty. However if you include the following three steps in your cleaning strategy it is going to look great-

1)    Use a vacuum cleaner– On one hand when other types of flooring are flat and horizontal, it is easy to identify soil being gathered on them and can be cleaned off by using a mop or you can ask your maid to do sweeping. On the other hand, carpet floors are vertical and have an upright surface, thus it might become tough for you to identify soil gathered on it. No matter if it is impossible to find the hidden soil with your naked eyes, pick up your vacuum cleaner and the work will be done.

Vacuuming is considered as the finest method to clear off the dirt from your carpet. Use this method once in a month and you will witness how glistening does your flooring look.

2)    Remove stains immediately­- Any eatable can accidentally spill on the floor and result in darks stains. To get rid from these unpleasant stains people tend to use chlorine bleach and so on. There are chances that through these chemicals the color of your carpet might fade away. It is best recommended to promptly clean the stains before they become impossible to be removed. Use a clean wet white towel, try and rub off the stain with it. You can also cover the stained area, with the towel and leave it overnight. Next morning check if the stain has gone or not just in case it hasn’t, do repeat the procedure again. Also ensure that the stain has dried out completely. You can freely perform this method, the color and texture of the carpet will remain intact.

3)    Dry extraction cleaning– Dry extraction cleaning products work in the same manner, just as you use a wet sponge works for cleaning up the soil or stains in your kitchen area. A host machine is used to perform the method of dry extraction. The brushes that are installed in this machine spin inward and outward, cleaning the carpet fibers. Only professional are well-equipped with this technique thus it is better to seek help from them.

Carefully adhere to these steps and your carpet is sure to maintain its shine.

Bio line: Anna Stewart is a Carpet Cleaning Consultant in Las Vegas. She has 5+ Years of experience as Home Improvement Consultant and has worked with many Firms in Nevada. Here she is sharing his views on how we keep proper maintenance of our carpets.

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  1. The information given in this page is absolutely right. The carpet cleaning professionals have different methods of cleaning processes. The over usage of chemical may harm the carpet fabric. The professional will helps to increase the durability of the carpets. Thanks for sharing these information with us.

  2. It’s amazing how long carpet will last when taken care of properly. A lady last week said she just replaced her carpet after 25 years and it was white! and still looked pretty amazing.

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