Patio furniture –Wooden or Wicker, which one is good for you?

wood patio

If you like the spending time outside along the friends or family members, then it is worth having a good set of patio furniture, but for Prolong the Life of Your patio, you need to work on how to take good care of the different types Wood, Aluminum, Plastic, Caned and Fabric cushioned furniture.

Dining set, benches, rocking chairs, throw pillows, cushions and other accessories (such as bar stools, picnic tables, porch swings and hammocks) are the examples of common outdoor furniture. Most commonly, the patio furniture made of wood, teak, wrought iron, wicker, and the aluminum, nowadays, steel, bamboo and plastic in trends.

Choosing the right patio set can be a headache for anyone because of there are lots of material types and the styles. But, you must keep it under budget by knowing about materials used for the outdoor furniture.

Wood furniture

The wooden patio is very demanding and trending, the ability to stand against the sun and/or summer storms make it the first choice of many people. But, with wooden you must care extra such as use water resistant coating, that prevent it from the sun’s heat as well as to prevent damage in the rain.

wood polish

One great thing with the wooden outdoor patio is its flexible look that can change by just new coat of polish or paint. Several colors available in the markets for this purpose, however the maintenance can be costly, but if we carry out the regular maintenance, it will increase the furniture life for a long time. The direct sunlight also the major enemy for this type furniture so we must avoid putting them in a lot of sunlight for a long time, patio chair covers needs the same condition. Keep steel wool, don’t use it for clean your furniture, it can remove wood finish such as paint or wood polish

Wicker and Rattan Furniture

If you believe in experiment with things, then the Wicker and Rattan patio match with your personality, this is at the second position in the list of the most popular types of furniture that made from natural materials. And, of course, this makes it durable, as well light weight, and the extent – flexible.

Let me tell you one secret, do you know that the wicker is not a material itself? Yes! Its facts, it is not a material, in fact, it is the combination of rattan and other materials including the bamboo slats. Both type’s natural rattan or the synthetic rattan wicker sets available in the markets, the cleaning process is mostly same for both, you can use warm water, a mild soap and a gentle scrub brush or the sponge to clean the surface of furniture.

Let’s give an air dry (natural) completely is the best things that you can do after clean, although you can use towels to dry it, but as the rule the natural way is best in comparison the artificial ideas. If any part or peace needs the repair, don’t be in a hurry and wait for furniture dry completely.

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