Novelty Home Decor

Sometimes you are born with a wild streak. It sits in your soul like a fire, always burning, just waiting for a chance to leap out and be wild. Other times, you have a quiet, tranquil soul, that just enjoys a good laugh and rumble every once in a while. Either way, novelty home accessories probably appeal to you.

Novelty Home Decor

Some people think that novelty home décor has to be unsophisticated and inelegant, but it doesn’t have to be. The result will depend entirely on your ability to show subtlety and restraint, blending your clever knick knacks in with classical accessories, to create an integrated and balanced space.

The actual steps you will have to take to get a novelty accessory to blend tastefully into your home will depend entirely on the nature of the piece that you purchase. If you buy a lava lamp, setting it amongst sleek, modern, stainless steel items will make it seem like a futuristic homage to a sci-fi era, while placing it on retro furnishings will make your home look a little more hippy-ish.

While the specifics of novelty decorating are unique on a case by case basis, the overall design philosophy is fairly basic. Take the focus away from wild and exotic colors, lights, and images, by placing these objects amongst other items of color and interest. In this way, you will tone down the contrast between the novelty piece, and the rest of the home.

Other than that, you just have to make sure that any piece which you bring into your home is tasteful, and puts forward the message that you are trying to convey about yourself. The wrong joke can really make you look terrible, so be tasteful and reserved when making a decision.

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