Must Know Modern Furniture Wet Cleaning Tips

Furniture doesn’t always come cheap and you want to get your money’s worth when you purchase any type of modern furniture for your home. While most classes of modern furniture do come with some kind of guarantee on the durability, it also would be helpful to learn more about regular cleaning and maintenance practices.

The more care you shower on each item, the longer will your modern furniture last and heighten the look and beauty of your home.

A regular dusting and cleaning routine, both daily and weekly/fortnightly, will aid in keeping your modern furniture upholstery, looking as good as new, even after a couple of years have taken place.

Furniture Wet Cleaning tips

Wet Cleaning For Upholstery

This should be done on a monthly basis at the minimum, though if you have the time and willingness, you could include it as component of your weekly routine also.

Then, blend one part of liquid detergent to 4 parts of warm water and combine these ingredients with an electric mixer. The mixture needs to be blended until it is totally used up to form suds which are dry and peaked, much like in the way whipped cream or egg whites.

Before applying the suds to your modern furniture upholstery, do a spot test on an inconspicuous area of the fabric. If there is no effect on the fabric (running color, etc), dip a cleaning cloth into the suds and rub it vigorously over the top of the upholstery.

Remove dirty suds using a plastic scraper, once the upholstery has been completely covered with suds and cleaned. At last, use a wet cloth to wipe any lingering soapy residue and let the upholstery dry overnight.

In case you’re wondering about the different kinds of modern upholstered furniture one which you could apply this techniques, here are a few effortless pointers. You can use these care directions for armchairs, sofas, dining room chairs, benches, etc.

Some instances of such modern furniture are furniture lines inspired by Le Corbusier or Charles Eames.

Think about the fact that following a solid routine of cleaning and general maintenance will help keep your various pieces of modern furniture, looking exquisite and help in sustaining them for a long time for a lifetime.

Not only will this let you be house-proud and earn the respect of your peers, you will also end wind up saving quite a bit of large sums of money in the end!


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