Memory foam mattress and mattress

There are different types of mattresses available in the market, every
mattress has its quality and uniqueness, depend on your choice you can
purchase any one of them. All these mattresses are among the most
classic and traditional designs in mattresses. Spring mattresses are
known for their good support and it is used all over the world.

First one is known as Coil mattresses- These mattresses are made up of
steel coils which are tempered for the purpose of good strength and
durability. In various configuration these coils are placed. A new
coil spring mattress provides good support for those who are sleeping
on their back. Coil mattresses are one of the most inexpensive type of
mattress, it is also very easy to manage or maintain. However, the lifespan of these
mattresses are not so long. These mattresses exerts great pressure on
the hips and shoulders, which result in spinal misalignment, and cause
neck and back pain.

Waterbed Mattresses- These mattresses were first developed in late
1800s and the beds which we are using now were developed in the the
year of 1968. This mattress has a special quality of heating
especially in the cold season, they are very effective in relieving
pressure of the body. Water present in the bed adjust according to the
posture and shape of the person. Waterbeds are difficult to move from
and also generate leaking problem but their lifespan is more than the
any other coil mattress.


Memory foam mattress is the another type of mattresses which certainly dominate the market.
Due to its Visco- elastic Foam, these mattresses provides a unique
feel while sleeping over it.

Memory foam is also known as Visco-elastic foam, NASA discovered it in
the decade of 1970s. For providing comfort to the astronauts this foam
was being used as a cushion. Material used in these mattresses were
very costly, but further medical field adopt it. These mattresses were
very helpful in the patient recovery and at the same moment it also
provide good sleep to them. Later on these mattresses were become
affordable for the common people.

These foam is made by the layer of polyurethane foam and also includes
some chemicals with which it turn thicker and heavy.

When you lay down on it the topper mods on your body, and it reacts
with the heat of your body and give you the comfort for your sleeping.
Memory foam mattresses are very expensive in comparison to other types
of mattresses.

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