Makeover Your Bathroom with Bathroom Accessory Sets

Whether you have a large or small bathroom, you can create a strikingly elegant mood or a colorful, tropical theme with the use of a few easy techniques. Unlike other rooms in your home, a bathroom is probably the easiest and least expensive to decorate. Here are some quick techniques to consider in creating a bathroom that you’ll love to enter and hate to leave.

Bathroom Accessory Sets

Consider Your Bathroom Space
To make smaller, dimmer, bathrooms seem bigger, place mirrors on the walls to reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space. Also, keeping smaller bathrooms uncluttered by using storage bins in smart and clever ways is essential in adding usable space. Choose light and medium color tones for walls, floors and tiled surfaces; while using wallpaper or a different color paint on the ceiling adds height. Likewise, for larger bathrooms, don’t be afraid to add a cushioned bench, an over-sized hamper or a storage cabinet to absorb empty spaces.

The Warm, Cozy Bathroom
A natural decorating theme for bathrooms will utilize natural woods like bamboo, rattan, and seagrass; and natural fibers such as canvas, cottons, linen, hemp and jute. Pairing a jute roll-up blind with bamboo baskets, a hemp rug, a linen shower curtain and and cotton towel sets in natural hues and soft lighting will supply a sense of nature to your bathroom. Decorate the walls with reclaimed wood art or painted frame pictures to add to the coziness of this bathroom.

The Modern, Sleek Bathroom
An elegant and modern styled bathroom evokes a sense of clean and sterile serenity. Choose bold and rich color bathroom accessories sets that feature high gloss or metallic finishes. Keep shower curtains and rugs solid or with a minimalist pattern. Coordinate eggshell wall color and geometric border patterns to add an up-to-date look. Replacing old lighting fixtures with contemporary, LED styles are a great way to bring the modern concept together. Similarly, wall art can be framed black and white photography set amidst metal candle sconces.

The Fun, Tropical Bathroom
A tropical bathroom is most fun for children’s bathrooms. Full of color and energy, bath time becomes fun time. Bright semi-gloss wall colors with coordinating tiles are a great start. Choose bathroom accessory sets that include toothbrush holders, soap dish, garbage pails and hand soap dispensers that are non-breakable and easily cleaned. Adding colorful rug sets with matching shower and window curtains comes next. Finish off with fun wall art reminiscent of the sea, like starfish, crabs and turtles. Even for the young at heart, a bright colorful bathroom is timeless.

A bathroom make-over is a quick way to add new energy to the feel of your home. With these simple techniques, your bathroom can go from boring to exciting!

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