How Window Blinds can Change the Aura of Your House

Window blinds have been used to decorate windows since ages. They are the most beautiful and modern substitute to curtains. They are stylish, they are trendy and they come in numerous designs. A window blind can change the feel of a room altogether. The old fashioned curtains can be replaced very efficiently and with class. They come in different styles and shapes and can be customized too.

Types of Window Blinds

Window blinds are available in different materials in the market. There are made of wood, plastic and even cloth. You can choose from the huge variety available, based on your choice and the décor of the room you are looking to refurbish. These blinds broadly come in two styles, vertical as well as horizontal. Usually horizontal blinds are preferred for small windows and verticals for huge ones. But it again depends on how you want it. You can choose differently and experiment with new styles. You can also combine both horizontal and vertical, if you have a very huge window with different openings.

Following are a few types of window blinds available in the market.


The formal window blinds come in a single color and are simple strips of whatever material you choose. The formal blinds are very simple and elegant. They are mostly white or off white in color and used in the vertical manner to cover the external as well as internal windows. Not many people experiment when it comes to the office blinds but you can always choose different colors that go with the décor of your office or you can choose the logo of your company to appear when you close the blinds. Wooden window blinds can also be used for the formal reasons. They are equally simple and elegant and the wood color adds a lot of classic look to the décor. You can always choose the color of the wood to match with your furniture.



Informal window blinds are widely available in the market. From multicolored blinds to the blinds made of blings, pearls and many other such decorative materials are used by people to decorate their homes. You will find a lot of companies selling the informal window blinds. Companies also customize the blinds based on the customer’s requirement. You can get them made in cartoon designs for the kids room. You can easily find curtain blinds that close up to make a cartoon character. You can also choose to get your window blinds dyed in the colors you want. You can go for individual multi colors or you can choose two colored window blinds that have different colors on the upper and the lower half. Everything and every idea are customizable.


There is a huge range of decorative curtain blinds available in the market. Fashion is everywhere these days and it has found its ways in the window blinds industry too. You name it and the material can be used to make stylish blinds for your room. From feathers to sea shells, everything that can be hanged together can be used to make a blind to adorn your beautiful windows.

Window blinds solve multiple purpose of decorating as well as covering your windows. They come in various designs and styles, but at the end of the day it all depends on you how simple or sassy you want it to look. Like your furniture your window blinds define your style. But not always you can be stylish, sometimes you have to follow the norm and go for the contemporary white ones, but trust me, there is nothing better than the basic white vertical blinds. Offices around the world keep it simple but there are no rules to it. Go on, find the material that suits you the best and define your idea of the window blinds.


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