Casement Windows Advantage

There are advantages and disadvantages to any style of window. But, the advantages of having replacement Champion Window casement windows far out weigh their disadvantages. Of all the replacement windows, replacement casement windows will add instant value to your home.Andersen_CasementWindowsCasement windows differ from other windows because they operate by turning a crank to open them. Casement windows have a hinged sash that allows the window to pivot and open either outward or inward. They come in double, single, top hung, or bottom hung styles. And their materials range from wood to aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl.

Most people select replacement casement windows for their energy saving properties. Except for fixed windows, vinyl casement windows are the most energy efficient window on the market. Their sashes give them a tight leak proof seal. Actually, when the wind blows against a casement window it strengthens the seal making the window more air tight.

The safety of your family is another good reason to consider this style of window. Because of their pivoting design, they provide a large opening for residents to crawl through and escape during a fire.

Care for a casement window is simple and only requires a little lubrication to keep the crank mechanism turning smoothly. Even though they are low maintenance, cleaning a casement window can provide a challenge for most people because the outside of the window is difficult to access.

Vinyl casement windows come in wide variety of styles with many configuration, but, they are not available in a wide range of sizes. Traditionally, larger casement windows tended to sag over their sash and loose their alignment, but, this problem has been overcome with advancements in modern building materials.

Vinyl casement windows are easy to maintain and never needs painting. Their attractive design has curb appeal and will add instant beauty to an older home. Homeowners meet both a need for windows that are pleasing to look at, functional, and efficient.

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