Beach House Decorating Ideas on a Budget

If you are outfitting a furnished investment rental condo at the beach or own a beach house and expect that MANY of your friends and family members will be using it, there are much different considerations that if just decorating your personal residence. The key is to select functional yet decorative items featuring beach, coastal, nautical, or tropical themes; items that can sustain factors present in the beach or tropical environment including carelessness, sunny weather, and frequent washing.

Beach Home Decor

There are a few rules of thumb that can be applied to every room in your beach house rental. The first is to buy many items in large quantities, typically an even dozen or more for dinnerware, glass and plasticware, placemats, kitchen towels, bath towels, etc. This accommodates large groups and also allows for sufficient rotation to effectively reduce wear.

Another idea is to use the same chief color theme throughout your coastal home or waterfront condo. Select a colorful and interesting coastal beach home decor pattern, where tropical or nautical theme merchandise is readily to be had for various parts of your house or condo. Then build on that theme, room by room, with a variety of neutral solids that can last through lots of wear and washing.

Lastly, purchase your basics like upholstered goods, comforters and spreads in textured solids that can be accented with fun, bright, and very flexible beach themed, nautical, coastal, or tropical area rugs, throw pillows, wall art, tabletop décor, and paint. Always consider convenience, and that there will be multiple users, frequent use, and frequent cleaning. Think of what you do when on beach or tropical vacation, staying in a water oriented villa or condo vs. in a hotel room. How many guests will you entertain? What type of cooking is planned? Are you more permissive with the kids and cleaning chores? If so, prepare assuming your guests will do similar things

Rather than investing in fragile framed prints under glass, choose beach theme canvas art pieces or rod mounted tapestries. These are much more durable to beach house parties, accidental bumps, and the extreme temperature swings a beach rental unit must sustain. Winterization year after year leaves your beach home decor in extreme cold weather for extended durations of time. By distinction, that same decor encounters high summer temperatures and bright sunshine.

In your beach unit, add native and free or low cost pieces for extra beach decoration. Keep a collection of shells on your porch window sills or as an outline for your walkways, your guests will be enticed to make their own assistance. Integrate basics like wicker containers all over for additional storage and relaxed and resilient appeal. Add effectively resistant items like ornamental wrought iron lamps, wine racks, and wall sconces for a uniform theme with superb robustness.

Decorating a shore rental unit or a frequently used beach home can be enjoyable, easy to do, and doesn’t have to cost an “arm and leg.” Every article can be extremely practical and durable, without losing any of the decorative beach, nautical, or tropical attractiveness. The key is to be practical, consider durability and frequent cleaning prior to making choices. Try to provide for your guests everything you would expect for your own tropical vacation or week at the beach. For more specific ideas on beach home decor, browse our excellent catalog online.

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