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Kitchen renovations are an essential expense for homeowners in Australia. This is because a few simple changes can alter the whole look and feel of these rooms.

For kitchen renovations the fashion is leaning towards sprucing up rooms that function perfectly but that are showing signs of age and wear and tear. The kitchen is one of the most frequently re-modeled rooms in a house. It is also one of the most used rooms, which elevates an interesting point. It may be that it always gets a remodeling job because it is one of the busiest rooms in the home and therefore looks ‘used’ fairly quickly, but how do you renovate such a busy area?

Kitchen Renovations

Everyone gathers in the kitchen it is true, but this part of the kitchen’s function can easily be moved elsewhere. This is not so with the other kitchen functions: i.e. food preparation, storage and meal clean-up. For a real renovation these functions will have to be moved to a temporary ‘kitchen area’. Advance planning will be requisite to set up a second ‘kitchen’ before you dismantle the first.

The fridge will probably have to be moved out of its spot in the kitchen but not be able to travel too far due to its large size! You will also need a sink, a microwave and an electric toaster oven that is outside of the kitchen.

For a sink, you could look to your laundry room or a second bathroom. Both areas can be scour out enough and remain unused for the duration of the few days when you will have no water, fridge or stove in your kitchen. Possibly the top of the washing machine can double as some counter space.

You will also need to draw up a plan of menu’s that can be easily prepared, brought in or heated up. Having to eat out should be avoided as it will involve some clean-up or clothes changing that will waste too much time.

In preparing for the Reno itself, it is always a good idea to make three lists. These will include the features that you like about your old layout, the features that don’t like and the new ones you want to include. Familiarize yourself with the latest innovations on the market.

Appliances with the new EnerGuide label will save you money on your energy bill. Consider new lighting, would you benefit from concealed-under-the-cabinet lighting? New compact fluorescent light fixtures are four times more efficient than standard bulbs. It is very inexpensive to replace only the cabinet doors on all your kitchen cabinets if you do not plan to alter the layout; check the Internet for details.

If you are changing your layout, ensure you follow the triangle set-up of stove, sink and fridge, but before you go to any of this trouble – double check that you will really be spending the money where you want it. Remember, paint, lighting and new cupboard doors are inexpensive and make a big difference!

Above are some of the great ideas for kitchen renovations in affordable price will compliment your kitchen’s beauty.

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