All You Need to Know About Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is one of the best flooring technologies in modern day art. In to-days world if you are looking for a floor coating that runes most and looks good then epoxy flooring is the solution you are looking for . The next question comes in mind is what is a epoxy flooring and what does it do for you in long run . Epoxy flooring is a industrial-grade epoxy coating that can turn ordinary looking cement into a floor that looks professional in terms of function and looks.

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Though some of these today’s paints contains Epoxy for long lusting durability , epoxy  flooring is not a paint . If you don’t have time to read all these details then just call a epoxy flooring contractors  and they will take care of your business .

Types of Epoxy Flooring Systems

If you are looking for change your normal floor to epoxy flooring or your dream home is on its move then you should know that there are five types of epoxy flooring .

1.Self-Leveling Epoxy Floors : It is mainly used to change your old floor to a new one, if it is cracked or damaged in some ways.

2.Epoxy Mortar Floors : Probably the strongest, used for business purpose as it is highly impact and chemical-resistant .

3.Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors : If you are looking for a slip-resistant, as well as decorative,   and exceptionally durable floor then go for it.

4.Anti-Static Epoxy Floors (ESD Resistant Floors): This types of epoxy flooring is mainly used for  electronic,Healthcare , chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturing fields as the floor provides  Anti-static epoxy flooring .

5.Epoxy Flake Floors: For Decoretion purpose mainly. You can use this type in your home normal business.

Benefits of using epoxy flooring

Long life, various looks, on demand make are the Main benefit of using epoxy flooring .

  • Epoxy flooring can be use on several surface or various fields of work or requirement . for example :

INDUSTRIAL:  In industrial fields we can use epoxy flooring in Food Processing Epoxy Flooring, Industrial Epoxy Flooring, Warehouse Epoxy Flooring, and Manufacturing Epoxy Flooring .

COMMERCIAL : Big company’s like Epoxyflooringphiladelphia provides eight types of Epoxy Flooring like : Veterinarian ,Animal Care , Pharmaceutical ,Medical ,Restaurant ,Auto Dealership ,Auto Mechanic ,and Retail Epoxy Flooring.

RESIDENTIAL : There are two types of epoxy flooring . Garage Epoxy Floor Coating and Basement Epoxy Floor Coating. Both are used for rough surface and both are highly popular .

  • Also there are four types of epoxy flooring systems available in market .

DECORATIVE FLAKE epoxy : For beautiful, seamless, and easy-to-clean floor you can use DECORATIVE FLAKE epoxy .

SHOP FLOOR epoxy : If you are looking for  durable seamless floor as well as high levels of traffic then go for it.

METALLIC EPOXY : Not easy to handle but with good care nothing is compare with this style.

URETHANE CEMENT : Most durable flooring system . Good for your home also, high tolerance and long life are the key features.

Among epoxy flooring contractors epoxyflooringphiladelphia from philadelphia is one of the leading company. For any type of Free Consultation: you can contact on there website .

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