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There are one or two questions, among others, that are still being asked often by domestic consumers of traditional energy sources about one source of alternative clean energy – solar power. What if there is no sun? If there’s no sun, how can we power our homes solely with the energy sources that will be coming from the sun?

At this stage it is worth pointing out that it is quite possible to generate all or most of your home’s domestic power from the sun’s UV rays to provide their entire home with the energy that it needs. What companies like SunBug Solar will be doing is showing (new) domestic consumers how to best implement cost-savings initiatives in the full knowledge that they may still be a little reluctant to lose their dependence on the national grid.

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The rest of this article points new consumers in the direction of solar energy as their most reliable and cost-effective source of energy and electricity supply. More importantly, it reminds those new to environmentally sustainable means of providing clean energy for their home that it is quite possible to rely entirely on solar energy.

Generating the right amount of energy

In order to advance towards a most efficient and reliable source of energy supply, domestic users, their legislators and suppliers are still trying to determine just how much is available to produce the desired balanced outcomes. While one large multinational reminds consumers on how well they and the powers that be, if you will, have done historically to reduce the country’s overall carbon footprint by way of compromise and gentle coaxing, you do not need to wait for them to make another decision.

There is talk of a mixed-energy use plan which can be fully implemented by the year 2050 and then sustain us for the next hundred years or so. Now, this may be breaking news for legislators and large corporations with only vested commercial interests in mind. Where one hundred percent consumption of solar energy for homeowners is concerned, this is great news. The sun, from whence all or most of your solar energy comes from, will be around for at least another five billion years.

Politicians and business owners continue to argue that several factors need to be considered before allowing domestic consumers to be given the green light to harmonize their homes with clean energy sources compatible to them and to the national grid they remain dependent on. But, domestic consumers do not need to wait for legislators’ kind permission to take full advantage of the sun’s utterly reliable UV rays.

Relying on clean energy sources

To become fully reliant on clean energy sources, some argue that public perceptions need to be taken into account. But it could also be argued here that most domestic users would be quite happy to go green once they’ve been fully empowered with the knowledge of all the long-term benefits of doing so; particularly when drawing on their existing financial resources.

Electricity supplied directly from a national grid is incidentally already costly; however, domestic consumers still need to take into account what their new energy mix is likely to cost them initially and in the long-term.  They will still be making carbon emissions but also need to know just how much such consumption is reduced once alternatives such as solar and wind power have been integrated and installed. In light of this, consumers will undoubtedly want to know just how reliable these alternatives will be for them in the future.

Combining clean energy with carbon sources

In some parts of the world, whether the region or suburb is part of a first-world developed nation such as Sweden or a still-developing province within South Africa, wind turbines are a familiar sight. But for a number of reasons elsewhere, the idea of relying on wind energy has not convinced many domestic users. Solar energy, on the other hand, has far more appeal, not just on the scale of reliability and efficiency but also on an aesthetic level.

Because they are either less visible or when visible never imposing like wind turbines, the sight of solar energy panels aren’t given much of a thought. But to say that they are uncommon in these areas which have progressed rapidly towards increasing the use of clean energy sources to match and even surpass the fuel burning sources, would be incorrect.

In most areas of the world where wind energy is being used in some form or another, whether on a large or much smaller (domestic) scale, most consumers still find themselves connected to their country’s grid, or at least having to continue paying a third party towards their energy supply needs.

But with solar power, this never has to happen again. Solar panel service providers help customers learn how to shift their dependence from their grid to full independence and self-sufficiency through the use of their own solar power system which will include the ultimate mix of panels, inverters and a net meter.

Cost effectiveness of using solar power

But where solar energy for homeowners is concerned, whatever costs there are, are borne solely by those who purchase the panels and other apparatus that make up the domestic solar grid. The homeowner can, if he chooses, switch himself off the national grid, if you will, and rely solely and independently on the sun’s energy. There are always going to be initial costs, but in the long-term little or nothing is spent on powering the home through solar means.

Benefits of using the sun’s rays

Europe’s most developed nation, economically speaking, is Germany. The Scandinavian countries, including Sweden and Norway, are not far behind. These countries, particularly Germany, are also far more advanced in the utilization of clean energy sources such as wind energy and solar power.

We are using Germany as a primary example to help take care of the one question that seems to be on interested, but skeptical users’ lips. Earlier, we mentioned the good question as to whether solar energy is viable in areas or countries which have little or no sunlight during the day, particularly during the winter months. Currently, Germany does not receive a lot of sunlight, but has the most solar power (per capita) than any other nation on earth.

This article has provided you with information that should convince you that you can lose your dependence on the national grid and move over to the most reliable form of clean energy; solar power. The tentative and/or cautious approach to energy transformation is understandable, but by contacting the accredited solar power company and utilizing the services of their knowledgeable and experienced technicians, no much further convincing will be required.

Domestic consumers are always concerned about expenses. You too will learn just how much can be saved by solar energy alone. Not only is solar energy for homeowners one of the cleanest forms of energy supply, it is also one of the most cost-effective for the long term.

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