5 Tips To Increase the Efficiency of Air Conditioners

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When the scorching season of summer arrives, only the cool refreshing air of an air conditioner can give us the comfort we desire. Apart from comfort, it can purify the air and keep mosquitoes and pollutants at bay in a room. Although AC is a robust gadget, sometimes they also fail to produce the same efficiency that we expect from them. Here are some valuable tips to increase the efficiency of air conditioners.

#1. Keep the filters and coils dirt free

Filters are an important component in an AC. Regular cleaning and keeping them free from debris can increase the efficiency of the device. Cleaning and maintaining will also help you in consuming energy by 5-15%. In case, if the filters are not operating efficiently and needs repairing, contact ac repair glendale az for increasing its efficiency and longevity.

The condensing unit coils also needs to be kept clean and well-maintained. Ensure that the belts are well-balanced. Assessing the compressor, oiling the motors for the fans, and evaluating the pressures and temperatures on the device are some of the  things you need to do from time to time.

#2. Make sure that the AC outdoor is clean

If the AC outdoor is clean, it will facilitate in the optimum heat exchange that is necessary for chilling. Make sure it is free from leaves, branches or other debris. It will bring a tremendous effect in its performance. For best results, clean the AC outdoors once in a month with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

#3. Hire a service technician for pre-season check-up

Since in summer we require an AC urgently, it is important to do a pre-season checkup before it arrives. Pre-season check-up is also sound because it avoids the suffering when your device collapses or stops working and you feel the irritating perspiration and heat.

For this, you need to hire a quality service technician who has lots of experience behind him. You can also get in touch with ac repair glendale az as they can fix any AC related issue of any model. By hiring their services, you can restore lost efficiency , prevent major disruptions and increase the lifespan of your cooling unit.

Research has found that with repairing and maintenance, an air conditioner can prolong nearly 95 percent of its efficiency. This is great news for summer season in Arizona, when people obviously rely on it to get maximum comfort from the scorching heat waves and high temperature reaching to more than 40 degree Celsius.

#4. Replace the old device with a modern unit

Modern AC is not only sleek but energy efficient too. So if you have an old unit that is not performing the way you want it to be, then replace it with a brand-new one. If your old AC is 10 years old, then replacing it is a must. You can also reduce the cooling costs or electricity bills by 30% by getting rid of your 15 year old central air conditioning system and purchase a new Morehart AC. Servicing an old unit also becomes a costly affair so investing in a new one is always safe and wise decision.

It is important that your air conditioner is running efficiently during the hot Arizona summers and people should use Morehart AC to ensure that it gives the optimal performance.

#5. For superior air circulation, use ceiling fans

You can enjoy a better and equal flow of cool and refreshing air at the indoors, if you use ceiling fans especially the oscillating ones for best results. After installing an oscillating fan, you can have a sound sleep at night as well as enjoy your meal in the best possible way.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to prolong the efficiency of your AC and keep your body fresh and soothing this summer. Make all your family members, friends, and relatives happy.

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